Weeklong Holiday

It was quite unknown why she had come into town, taken a room at the inn with her attendant. Some kind of business roused her at half past five on a Tuesday morning, as a light in her window and distant sounds of a gramophone announced. The day was dark and rainy, causing the women to rush from the warmth and dryness of the inn to the motorcar idling in the lane. As soon as they were inside, the car sped into town, as though they were running late for something very important. The date was May seventh, my birthday.

I watched them return later in the afternoon as I was reading a book on the windowseat, cozy against the chill of the day. Although she was soaked by the hastening rain, her face was uplifted and she walked lighter than when she had come, as though a burden had been removed from her being. Perhaps that meant is was her birthday as well, I mused as I continued my book.

They stayed at the inn for a week, coming and going on various errands, their arms full of parcels on most afternoons. On Saturday afternoon, I was in the garden when I noticed her leaving. She appeared to be sorry to go, putting reluctant distance between herself and the inn with tiny footsteps, ambling in the warm sun. I crouched down a little lower behind the garden fence, not wanting to make her feel as though I was watching her with critical eyes instead of the genuine interest that drove me to follow her path to another waiting car.

Paris Baby!

Great read! xx

Travelling Kiwi Chick Blog

Heading into Paris I was a little bit excited about having more time to do all the cool attractions that I’d heard about on my last Paris visit. My first visit had been just a very quick one day wonder as part of a Contiki tour which as anyone knows, is nowhere near enough time for such a big city filled with so much history.
I had originally planned to stay just two nights as I was hoping to be starting a work contract on the Monday. However as I still hadn’t had any word from the British Nursing Council about my final appointment needed to complete my registration, I decided to hell with it and extended my stay to six nights in total. I was glad I did by the end! Even after five whole days I had only scratched the surface of Paris.
I’ve decided to set up…

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Glasgow’s Hidden Gem

Fascinating read and cool photographs. xx

Charlotte Hoather

It was a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon here in Glasgow on Saturday and I decided to take a break from studies and go for a walk around the City. I just started to wander around the older part of the City near to my student halls from last term. I had walked down these streets so many times last year, usually in hurry, and never really stopped to look around.

I noticed a sign on one of the buildings exclaiming, “Craft Open Day”. I thought great, I might be able to buy some craft odds and ends to start making some Christmas cards ;). The building was very grand with an inviting entrance so I walked in…..

I discovered that the building was Glasgow’s Trade Hall and the home of “the Trades House of Glasgow” and they were inviting people to come in and explore the work they did in…

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The Tango We Stumble

It makes me laugh, this tango we somehow perfect amidst the stumbles. Each move is more complicated than the one before, less so for our feet than our eyes. You push away and I draw near, laughing as we fall. I have to know if you’re up to your old tricks, intriguing me with each breath. The lines have been drawn and we keep to our own sides, the roses still tight between our lips. Oh, lead on, my mystery man, dip me into the water if I bend enough, flexible with a faint smile as I impossibly extend myself over the edge of the dance floor. My hair brushes along the floor and my cheeks color with the inversion, but even more the nearness of your essence. You pull me upright again, gentle and strong, while something inside is satisfied at last.

Downton Abbey wins at Creative Arts Emmy Awards

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The Downton Dame

Congratulations are in order to John Lunn for winning a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) for “Episode 6” of Downton Abbey.

In case you are wondering, Episode 6 of Season 3 is the episode after Sybil dies and Lord and Lady G aren’t talking and Lord G and Matthew aren’t getting along very well either.  Of hand I don’t recall the music but now that it is award winning music I will have to go back and listen closely.

The 65th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, Sept. 15th.  A two-hour, edited version of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards will air Saturday, Sept. 21st on FXX.

Sadly though, none of the other nominees from Downton Abbey won awards.  Either way, we congratulate them since being nominated is still an honor and achievement. …

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