Merry Christmas! 

I wish a very merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. To me, some of the most joyful Christmas moments aren’t the big, splashy things but the quiet, hopeful moments. I love waking up early on winter mornings like today and watching the sun come up, rejoicing in the way the night gives way to day and the light fills everything. It’s just like the way God fills my heart with joy this time of year. As wonderful as Christmas is, it’s just the beginning of the journey that Jesus took to save us by living the perfect life on earth so that He could take the penalty for our sins on the cross and give us eternal life if only we will give Him our lives and hearts. 

I hope you enjoy all of the quiet moments of blessing that come your way. Thank you for your support for my blog and my writing with your likes, comments and the wonderful sense of community that I have found here. I wish you all joy!


Refuge: An Aidan and Tasha Holiday Drabble

Stopping at the library was nearly a revolutionary act; their handlers were too busy speaking with one another to closely monitor what the pair were doing in the front of the computer lab. Aidan had suggested to Tasha that he sit the front row while no one had been listening. As well as they knew each other by now, after a decade of marriage, a few lip read words were all they needed to communicate. Pretending to be strangers in public as commanded by their superiors, Tasha sat a row behind Aidan and paid him no attention, although the ease with which they logged into a messenger service was nearly laughable. 

Tasha longed to do the normal tasks one may perform on a computer, such as checking and replying to personal emails without encryption, downloading music or even ordering Christmas presents for Aidan as the chill in the air told her that the holidays were coming closer. She did some of the last task surreptitiously, arranging for the gifts to be sent to the safe house via Max’s credit card. He was a friendly authority who had given her permission to do so. Even agents deep undercover needed a little bit of joy. 

Aidan tapped on his keyboard and sighed. Why wasn’t Tasha responding to his message? He dared to turn around for a split second. What he saw put a smile on his face. Tasha’s eyes were intent on the screen and she appeared more relaxed than she had since they’d entered the safe house. He had no idea what she was actually doing, but the expression she wore was enough to lift his spirits. 

Busy? He wrote a quick message. You’re smiling. I like it. A lot. 

You’ll have to wait and see, she replied. Didn’t you notice the date? How cold it’s become? The lights on the houses? 

I see, he answered. I’d best prepare as well. 

You’re all the present I need, she told him before typing a profusion of heart emojis that made him silently laugh. 

You’re good for my ego. Please tell me more while there’s time. I feel like we’ve sneaked away from the high school dance to make out behind the gym or something. 

I like your imagination, Tasha started to give a detailed description of what was contained within her own imagination as her handler opened the door and gave them both a start. She quickly logged out of the messenger and stood up to follow the handler back to the armored car. Aidan would leave in five minutes as it was too dangerous for them to go at the same time. She ran a hand through her auburn hair, wondering when she’d be required to change it as a disguise. It was a change she dreaded because her hair was one of Aidan’s favorite parts of her appearance. She distracted herself by thinking of how nice it felt when he stroked her hair as they lay in bed at night, taking refuge in one another. 

The nights are cold, Tasha thought, but at least there was some comfort left for them. What she would do if they were separated was beyond the scope of her mental resources. Perhaps that was why they’d been allowed to remain together so long. Even though it seemed as if their superiors were heartless, everything they did was to protect the couple. They had only today. Tomorrow could be totally different. But tonight she would look forward to those unmonitored moments they had before drifting off to sleep. Aidan’s presence made her dream of better things, like Christmas morning or walking hand in hand on the beach. This assignment was tough, but it would not last forever. 

Forever My Love

I meet you forever, again, as if for the first time. Melting in your presence, I dream of how many times I’ve relived this moment. You are the same, the eternal turning and walking of the characters on a Greek vase or an Impressionist painting. Why can’t I follow? You hold a tender finger to my lips as you take my hand. Time can be rewound. Love can be eternal. Your faithfulness is the proof. 

Post Nano Planning

Now that NaNoWriMo 2015 is finished, I need to edit my 52,000 word draft. It’s the first time that I’ve written a complete story all in the 50K required for a win, but as I think back over the previous month, I know I have a lot of editing to do. My goal is to flesh out the characters, from appearance to more about their backgrounds and mannerisms. I believe that the flashback and flash forward style works because I enjoy reading stories like that myself. To move chronologically from beginning to end would bore me with my particular storyline. It works beautifully with certain storylines, though! 

I’ve also had much less time to write as I make my Christmas preparations. Last night I finished my entire card list in one sitting and am very pleased to have completed it in that way! Little by little, the things I need to do are getting done. 

So much of what I’ve been able to accomplish has been done through my new Theory Of Five Minutes. Too often I find myself wasting time in the day because I don’t use my spare, waiting, in between times to do anything useful. A few story ideas jotted down in five minutes, a note written, a stack of papers organized, it all makes a difference. Of course, it’s always important to find time to relax, even if for only five minutes!

I wish you all a good day, may you be productive and happy. 

Friday Luncheon At The Writers Conference 

There were tears along with the chicken fajitas. To be completely honest, I didn’t really understand. I felt odd being the only dry eye at the table, but it didn’t mean I hadn’t enjoyed my week. For five days that summer, I’d attended sessions on poetry and book publishing, hopefully honing my creative voice more with each passing day. The pace was quick and we spent many an hour critiquing each other’s work in the classes. Once someone had passed a sheet of paper around upon which to write our addresses and phone numbers in order to keep in touch, I gladly added mine. They were all very nice people, from all walks of life, bonding over our love of writing. 

But I didn’t cry. 

I did not sniffle into my salad or declare that I had no idea how I would go on without the others in my life every day. It was Friday and I had met them on Monday. Sure, I’d made friends, several of whom I planned to contact, but to be at a loss as to function without the group? It made me happy to think of a rendezvous with my new friends in a carefree environment like a movie theater or restaurant, free from the constraints of class assignments. Yet my eyes remained tearless. 

Was I just cold and unfeeling? I wondered if I should fake it. I’ve known how to cry on cue for years… recently my trigger image was a tragic short story I’d read in Spanish. Just as I was wondering if I should muster up a few tears for good measure, someone at another table stood up. 

It was one of the self proclaimed hippies in his signature tie dye tshirt, his long blond hair streaming forward from his matching headband. 

“Don’t worry, everyone!” He began to address the room, holding his water glass aloft. 

The room grew silent. 

He wiped a tear away. “We’ll always be a community!”