Paper Roses

I’d love to try this project! They remind me of Valentine’s Day! xx

Charlotte Hoather

As promised here is a step by step guide on how to make the roses that I have used in my earlier picture, I have never done one of these guides before so here goes 🙂

Step 1:

I have used a template cutter to press out the spiral shape that I used to make the roses, but you can achieve the same effect by cutting out a circle and then cutting out the spiral shape from within the circle.



Step 2 :

Take the spiral shape that you have cut out from your piece of card or paper and remove any excess paper.


Step 3:

Now I use my Mum’s quilling tool which has a split end that you can thread the paper into in order to help you twist the paper into shape.  You can get the same effect by twisting the paper spiral around your finger but it is easier…

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The swallows are singing, and their words are not news. It’s clear that they are right, and it will continue to be so as you transform all the way through the ocean. It does not stop until the trip has been made, and you certainly will make it.

I want to lean over the piano and sing a little louder to match the rate of their wings flying above the treeline, their ascent to my heart. It is a world of exhilaration, possibility.

What one absolutely needs is a cleansing soak in the endless promise. Thankfully, the ocean is full enough, deep enough.

La Tomatina.. And Valencia!

A great, truly wonderful entry! xx

Travelling Kiwi Chick Blog

It was pretty late at night by the time my train arrived in Valencia. The sun had set and my booked hostel had given terrible directions within its page. The directions were essentially catch a metro train to here then follow the old town signs. There were no old signs anywhere at all that I could see. Scratching my head I thought argh.

And then pulled out my trusty old iPhone. Sometimes I wonder how people cope these days without smartphones. Life is too hard without them. A few apps in particular have really contributed to my travelling experience. The one I used at this time was called CityMaps2go. It’s a paid app but so brilliant. It works by you downloading various maps of the places you plan to visit while at home with your wifi Internet. Then when you are overseas with no access to 3G/wifi (thereby…

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Ola Barcelona!

This blog is a terrific read, I encourage everyone to follow for great adventures! xx

Travelling Kiwi Chick Blog

As my plane touched down in Barcelona, Spain, I was actually feeling quite terrified. Walking through the border security check I was surprised not to be stopped with the sweaty anxiety I’m sure must have been showing on my face. The 35 degree heat wasn’t helping matters either.

The reason behind my terror was due to the fact that this was my first time in non-English country on my own..

Sure I had visited lots of Europe countries with my recent whirlwind contiki tour where English was certainly not the local language and coped just fine. But there is a difference to being surrounded by a big group of fifty other english-speaking people, along with a tour manager who can answer any questions, give basic language lessons, and negotiate any needed activities on your behalf with the locals… Going to a foreign country alone, you don’t have any of that…

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