My Autumn/Winter Beauty Survival Guide

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pemberley lane

If your living in the UK you will probably be feeling similar to me today and mourning the end of Summer. Autumn has finally arrived and the wind and rain yesterday and today has left me feeling yuk and due to my sorry excuse for an umbrella turning inside out and breaking mid commute, the term drowned rat applied to my appearance in work today. Boo!

Ok, so now it is important not to wallow and hibernate but to take action and be prepared! I have compiled an Autumn/Winter beauty survival guide with my top tips to combat the cold and keep looking lovely..

1. Moisturiser, Moisturiser, Moisturiser

The weather takes it’s toll on our skin though the cold seasons and it craves moisture! During this time the temperature outside is generally cold but inside If your home or work is anything like mine the thermostat is already being awoken from its summer slumber and being cranked up! These ever changing temperatures have a…

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