Let’s Get Out Of This Country

The sun was beating down on me through the windshield of the vehicle and I could feel every bump of the railroad tracks through the seat as we passed over them on a hazy early summer afternoon. The longing to just leave, pick a new direction and hope to end up once again home rose thicker than the humid air. “Let’s go, just go.” I wanted to go home, hours away. 
My companion is sensible, too much so. “What will you wear? We have nothing packed.”
“We will go to the stores and buy new clothes,” I exclaimed. When we got home, everything would be bountiful. I liked the outfit I wore, a fuchsia shrug over a grey strappy sleeveless top and a lightweight black skirt that fell just below the knee, paired with studded stone ballerinas. My shoulder length black hair was swept up in a loose chignon and my eyes were concealed by an oversize vintage pair of sunglasses. I could not keep the tears from falling behind them, hoping my companion would not notice. 
“We could get packed. In an instant,” I appealed. I pointed a manicured finger toward the window. “I want to go east.”
We rode in an uneasy silence, unsure what to do. Sometimes the fulfillment of the heart’s deepest yearnings. 



50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…..#14

Excellent insight.


#14.  “I’d rather be taken advantage of once in awhile than have a closed heart.”

Random thoughts…

~When you give to another and they deceive you, it can hurt beyond words. The only thing worse is the nothingness you feel when you don’t give at all.


~I honestly believe that to truly give, it has to leave you without something, at least for awhile. Something may be returned to you or it may not. It shouldn’t matter, if you gave for the right reasons.

~I was never a risk taker in my younger years. No way. I used my shyness as a wall. It protected me from disappointment, failure and rejection. Unfortunately, it also isolated me from life. It prevented me from finding out what COULD happen and what I could MAKE happen.  I eventually chipped away at the wall, taking the last of it out with some good swift kicks…

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“If you do not …



“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”
-Anais Nin

Do you feel what your writing as you write it? Or do you go back and read it only getting the real feeling then? Or do you not feel it at all? I often find myself laughing as I’m writing a particularly funny scene and at other times getting depressed when something bad has happened to my character, the emotion feeling so real its almost my own. Almost. Other times I am already feeling a certain emotion whether it be happiness, or sadness, and write a scene that plays to that emotion and I find that this is the time where I can put in the characters thoughts and feelings more accurately then when I just try to…

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Self Publishing

This morning, I need to speak my mind on a topic which I know is relevant to every writer who decides to publish. I am honestly quite tired of seeing so many derisive opinions regarding self publishing. I think it is wonderful that anyone who is willing to put in the long hours and other commitments to writing a book is able to have a fair chance to publish it, regardless of money or status. If only other things in our society were so equal!

Self publishing is an evolving form of media. Like it or not, it’s here to stay, so we might as well get our misconceptions straight.

I am early in the phase of my own publication journey, so I’ll use my experience as a consumer to explain my view. When I am searching for a new book to read, I have never separated traditionally published books from those that are self published. I ask myself the very same things as I am perusing the choices. Does the book interest me? Does it look enjoyable? How long is it? Is it reasonably priced? Did other customers have positive reactions?

I have never decided against buying a book because it was self published. I never will. After all, won’t the consumers be the ones to delineate what is good and what is not? As I read book lists on sources such as the USA Today bestseller lineup, there are quite a few self published books that rank alongside their traditionally published counterparts. Just like any other book, if it is well written and enjoyable, it will catch on with readers. Once it becomes a hit on its own merit, who will care from where it came? We read to be informed and entertained and challenged in our respective worlds. If a book covers these bases, it is among great company of other works that do the same. Indie music is celebrated, so why not indie books?