The Castle

Just a little something I’ve been working on for fun… Tell me what you think!

It seemed as though no time had gone by at all when I was settled into the new castle, the home which I would share with several of my friends upon a different island than the place where I had lived before.

Upon first glance, it was no paradise, but I could see the possibilities. Thankfully, so could my sister, Jessie.

She brushed the cobwebs away from her face and grinned as she looked upward toward the grand staircase. “Just needs some work and tender loving care,” she said. I smiled, envisioning us both making it as classically beautiful yet innovative as it was meant to be.

Then the doorbell rang and we looked at each other with curious expressions. Who could be calling? Few people knew that anyone had moved in, let alone come to visit.

I opened the door to find the most handsome man I had ever seen. He was tall, at least six foot two, had midnight black hair and sparkling blue eyes. Jessie came up to the threshold and nudged me. He was asking me a question, but I was too caught up in staring at him to comprehend, let alone respond.

“Where would you like me to put the boxes?” He grinned slyly.

I laughed, flustered. “Choose a spot,” I looked around the spacious foyer. “There should be plenty of room,” I blushed.

I could tell that Jessie was trying hard to suppress a giggle, but I pretended not to notice as I watched the man move the boxes in and place them around the dusty entryway. Once he was done, he turned back to me, still grinning.

“Nice place. It has good bones. I’ll be curious to see what it looks like when it’s finished. I live right up the road,” he said as he turned and gestured out the door into the shining sunlit afternoon. “Will you give me a tour?”

I nodded. “Yes, of course.”


Year End Delights

It is ironic that I started my blessing book project near the end of the year. The timing makes it all the more sweet, though. It us a tradition I have cherished for many years, writing what my mother calls Golden Nuggets in a violet covered journal. Golden Nuggets are anything kind, uplifting and inspiring that one hears from another person or reads somewhere that are written down in the book for reflection or encouragement. My book is one of my most treasured possessions, containing wonderful things from years on end.

Today I have finished writing the material I wish to compile in the journal for now, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to stop this lovely tradition.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.