Merry Christmas! 

I wish a very merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. To me, some of the most joyful Christmas moments aren’t the big, splashy things but the quiet, hopeful moments. I love waking up early on winter mornings like today and watching the sun come up, rejoicing in the way the night gives way to day and the light fills everything. It’s just like the way God fills my heart with joy this time of year. As wonderful as Christmas is, it’s just the beginning of the journey that Jesus took to save us by living the perfect life on earth so that He could take the penalty for our sins on the cross and give us eternal life if only we will give Him our lives and hearts. 

I hope you enjoy all of the quiet moments of blessing that come your way. Thank you for your support for my blog and my writing with your likes, comments and the wonderful sense of community that I have found here. I wish you all joy!


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