Freedom XII

Aidan carried Tasha into the house as her body went limp from the pain. He stifled a flinch as his arm prosted at shifting her as he reached down for the key. 

In the early days of their marriage, everything had felt so right. Tasha finished medical school as Aidan completed his training with the FBI. Their lives stretched before them with promise like the seemingly endless coastal highway upon which they drove to California for their honeymoon. Upon their return to Portland, the trouble had started. Aidan quickly grew jealous of Tasha’s relationship with her mentor at university hospital and she resented his frequent classified trips. 

Within eighteen months, they had stopped talking during the infrequent meals they managed to share. It was only after their separation that the hospital began seeing cases of poisoned water patients, alerting the FBI because of suspected terrorism. 

Aidan and Tasha were suddenly back in each other’s lives, not as lovers but colleagues. Until colleagues became lovers again. 


4 thoughts on “Freedom XII

    • More will be explained. It is wrapping up in a few parts, maybe between 15-20 total, yet it will have further life as my NaNo 2015 project. Some of the plots will be tweaked, but as I’ve gone along with it, I’ve found exciting potential for a longer work. Thank you for your interest and your comments! As you know, it’s what helps authors continue projects that may have passed their original expiration date many chapters ago. This was originally a one-shot. 🙂

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