Freedom XIII

Tasha began to stir on the guest room bed as Aidan was caught unguarded, tears streaming down his face as he recalled their failed marriage, and how they’d wasted time on petty arguments and insecurities. 

She tried to push herself upright but he stopped her.  

.Not a good idea,” he murmured. “You collapsed outside, I brought you here.” 

Tasha blinked hazily. “This is your house?” She examined the minimalist decor, typical of the young, single man he was when he’d lived there. “I like it.” She let her head drop back onto the pillow. 

“It is. I wish I’d brought you here sooner,” he said gently. 

“How’s your arm?” 

“Not bad.”

“You’re lying,” she said, nearly slurring with exhaustion. 

“Yeah, maybe. Get some rest, ok? I have to go get some groceries.” 

“I’ll be here,” she sighed before falling back into a fevered sleep.


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