Freedom XI

“We’re almost there,” Aiden said as Tasha guided the car through the small town he’d once called home. 

“It’s beautiful,” Tasha remarked as she gazed at the profusion of pine trees and blue sky. 

“Turn here. The house on the left.” 

Tears sprang to Tasha’s eyes at the sight of the two story Victorian house. Her heart beat wildly as she could think only one thing: this could have been our home if we hadn’t gotten into this mess. 

“Tasha? You ok?” 

“I’m fine,” she pasted on a fake smile. “Just thinking about the old days.” 

“The key is under the welcome mat. Want to go in? I’ve kept it in my name all these years.” 

“Sure.” She closed the car door and noticed the earth begin to sway under her feet. 

Aiden was instantly at her side, helping her stand. 

“It’s starting,” she groaned, helpless in his strong arms.


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