My Quiet Space

I’ve always loved reading. Even before my conscious memories begin, I loved books so much that my mom taught me to read at age two because I was so fascinated with stories. I’d follow along and recognize the words, so my world has always consisted of letters forming words. When I learned Spanish in college, it was the closest I’ve come to understanding how it must feel to not be able to read until one purposefully learns what letters form words and what they mean. 

Above is a picture of one of my favorite devices, my kindle. I purchased it three years ago and began utilizing the internet resources, but since having an iPad that does all the same things, I’ve made the kindle my offline sanctuary just for reading. No email. No text. No google. Just books.

My kindle started out being offline because I didn’t want to have to constantly charge it because of the toll wireless takes on the battery, but now I leave wifi off so I can have the closest experience to reading paper books. I’ve always been an avid collector of books and had to concern myself with shelf space, so the kindle is wonderful with keeping so many volumes in one book size package. I miss it when I have to plug it in because I’m so used to having it on my bedside table at night and close at hand in the day. I also adore my cover, a black and white damask that I don’t ever want to trade. I’d even forsake a bigger screen because I want all my future devices to fit inside this lovely cover. Having such convenience in a wireless free zone has certainly boosted my motivation to read and has boosted my goodreads goal! What motivates you to read? A quiet space? A good story? The smell of ink on pages? The august smell of wisdom in the library stacks?  I think it’s probably different for everyone. 


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