Waiting For Sadie 

I’m eagerly awaiting news from the local animal shelter when a gray tabby female is available. I had a jellicle cat named June for fourteen years and she developed kidney disease about a year ago. Her disease progressed rapidly and she passed away on December 26. I’m to the point where I’m ready for another cat and feel like a child counting down the days to Christmas until a Sadie cat is available. I’m naming her after my favorite band, called Sadie And The Hotheads, fronted by Elizabeth McGovern of Downton Abbey. All my cats have been named after musicians: Mick Fleetwood and June Christy have inspired the other names. I’m keeping a careful eye on the  shelter site! I really love the fact that this particular shelter is a no kill shelter. It’s funded and maintained by a local couple who have done so much good for the town. 

Here is a picture of what I imagine Sadie to look like: 

I hope she comes soon! 


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