Expanding The Story

I’ve been thinking about the first story in my dream story collection. Without giving too much away, it centers on a girl at a boarding school who may or may not be what meets the eye. The first time I drafted it, I paid attention to only what I had experienced in my dream. But in order to meet the nano goal and to entertain readers with more than a snippet of images, I am going to expand it. My theater background comes into my creative process here as I live in this character’s skin and ask myself who she is and why she is behaving in her particular way. I have found that, similar to the stage, I must live with my characters a while before I present them to the world. The first one in my collection is promising to be a very interesting person with whom to become acquainted. I hope others will think so, too! The fun thing about dreams is the variation of personas one can take on in the course of ten stories or so.


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