A Perfect Saturday

Coffee and a journal and some time to connect with God through His Word describe my perfect Saturday. I hope all of you have a great day! There’s nothing like the weekend to relax and refresh. 


Is there a right time to disturb a writer? #Writer #Amwriting



Disturbing a writer whilst they are at the creative coalface is not advisable. Writers are dealing with so much in fantasy land that any sort of interruption or disturbance can make them see red.

When should you avoid disturbing a writer?

  • If the writer has overcomea painful episode of writer’s block and has just started writing. Disturbing a writer in this situation could result in you receiving a screech, a yell or even a scream.
  • If the writer is in the middle of writing a steamy romantic scene and is showing visible signs of literary enjoyment (cheeky smile, wide eyes and flushed cheeks). Avoid disturbing the writer in this situation, if you do disturb you are in danger of receiving a loud sigh or a roll of the eyes.
  • If the writer is huffing and puffing over a plot or character issue. They need to be given time to work…

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Dream #125

The music blared over the speakers as I reached for my stylus, certain of its position because I always kept it in the same place. He has always been so kind, helping me with learning where to put things and setting me at ease over my overly dilated pupils. 

“We match,” he joked as he removed his glasses and allowed me a closer look. 

I’d never felt so close to him except for when we danced. I loved to dance with him because all that mattered was the music and the feeling of our bodies together, two becoming one. 

He encouraged me to read and keep up with my writing as much as ever and massaged my weary legs and feet at the end of each day. Often words were not necessary. 

I could talk freely about how I thought about the others and wondered why they hadn’t clung onto the will to survive. They hadn’t wanted to be here, but I did. I liked being here. 

Sunday Survey

I’m borrowing this quiz from my friend at The Catz Meow!

How old are you? β€”β€” 38

Favorite TV show? —– Downton Abbey, Rizzoli and Isles, Wayward Pines

Favorite Color? —– purple, pink and silver

How would you decorate your home? —– My favorite style is a mix of traditional, Edwardian antique, Asian and contemporary.  

Pets? —– four month old tabby kitten, Sadie

Favorite book? —– The Great Gatsby

Last place I visited? —– It’s been too long to recall

Studying in college? —– Journalism

Secret Celeb Crush? —– It’s no secret that I adore Hugh Bonneville

Favorite Social Media Site? —– Twitter and Tumblr

Favorite Food? — spinach lasagna

Favorite Place I’ve Visited? —– Texas gulf coast

Family Members? —– One mom, one grandma, one grandpa, one aunt, one cousin

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? —– being a journalist!

Politics? —– I do not like politics because the real points get convoluted. I am more liberal than not. 

Coffee or tea? —– Both. I love coffee but also have an affinity for black tea. 

Favorite movie? —– Anything with Elizabeth McGovern 

Kids? —– Unlikely but one never knows

Place you want to retire? —– London