New Survey

Happy Survey Sunday! Here’s one from tumblr that I filled out this week. 


Height – 5’9″

Fave artists bands – Camera Obscura, She & Him, Sadie And The Hotheads

Last thing I googled – Claw covers for cats

Birthday: January 31

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

One place that makes me happy: the library 🙂

What I’m wearing now: cheetah print top and skirt

Last book I read: A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern 

Last thing I asked a family member: What time do you want to have lunch tomorrow? 

Favourite food: Blueberries

Last movie I watched: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Dream vacation: A tour of Europe

Dream wedding: A simple gathering with my loved ones

Dream pets: cats! 

Dream job: Journalism

Random fact: I love all things mint 

The Garage Sale

It was raining and the seat of the dusty rose settee was getting wet, the velvet falling under the weight of the drops. The settee had antique lines, much too old for those who were selling it. Thankfully a furniture restorer from the local museum rescued it at the last minute before it was ruined. After that, the sun came out and dried the moisture away. 

Book Review… A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern 

Today I read Cammie McGovern’s new book, A Step Toward Falling. 

Whenever Cammie McGovern releases a book, I know I’m in for a treat because her books all grip me so much that I have to read them more or less continually because I simply have to know what happens next. The themes in this book were as amazing as everything she’s published. The topic of young people with disabilities particularly resonates with me because of a boy I knew in my childhood who was mainstreamed into our class. While it was easy to see the differences between him and the rest of us at first, it didn’t take me long to see his special abilities and beautiful heart, making the first impressions quickly disappear in my mind. Causes for the disabled are very important to me because of this early impression.

I love the intertwining theme of first impressions through the discussion of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in this novel. Like all people, each of the characters struggled with this and made valuable discoveries upon getting to know one another as people. It was the perfect vehicle to make the point in a very natural way.

I wish I could give this book unlimited stars, and that might not even be enough.

Flying Home, Part XVIII


“It’s not as different as you’d imagine,” Mary Jean replied. “That’s partly why we came in 1947. It was a peace mission, no matter what all the hype says. Our societies are similar enough that we wanted to reach out. But disloyalty made a mess of things. And now Wesley and Natasha got the wrong idea and probably want to expose us to some paranoid government panel.” She sighed. “All we want is to create our little place and enjoy it. I wonder why it’s so hard for people to understand.” 

“I don’t know,” Emily replied. “It makes sense to me.” 

The other woman smiled. “I know it does. I’m so grateful for people like you. Thinking beyond the impossible. You’ll be seeing Julian shortly, as soon as Harry wraps up this nasty business with Wesley and Natasha. They’re definitely leaving with no memory of the situation. Then we’ll be free to continue building things and you won’t have to worry about them anymore. We only hid Julian in order to protect him because of what he saw.” 

“Harry is taking care of it today?” Emily asked. “I’m sorry, I know it’s your business, but I’m so anxious to see Julian.” 

“Of course you are,” Mary Jean smiled with sympathy. “It’s fine. It sounds like he’ll take care of it today, yes. Then I can get to work finishing things and that day should come for you very, very soon. In the meantime, relax. Harry and I haven’t gotten to do as much entertaining here as we had hoped since moving in, but we do have quite a music collection and a big screen TV with a lot of DVDs, not to mention a library of which I’m very proud. So please enjoy yourself. I’ll be in and out, going down to the club in a while to see how things are going with Harry. Just as it’s important for Leigh to keep up her work at the newspaper, I’d better put in an appearance downtown.” 

“This sounds harsh,” Emily began, “but with Natasha leaving, are you going to sing with Harry’s band again? I’d love to hear you perform.” 

Mary Jean stopped as if considering it. “I hadn’t thought of it with everything going on. But there will be a vacancy. Oh, it was fun. Perhaps I will give it another spin! Thanks, Emily. I’ll be in my home office down the hall if you need me.” 

Emily smiled, happy that she’d inspired Mary Jean to think about her singing career. She stood up and wandered into the library. It was as impressive as Mary Jean had made it sound. Emily found a book about space travel, not really more than a vintage novel, and settled into one of the overstuffed chairs. Before beginning to read, she glanced around the room and smiled. It was decorated in a way that could easily make one feel as if they were in the 1950s.   

Flying Home, Part XVII


That night as she lay in bed in the guest room, Emily tossed and turned, thinking about everything that she had been told. So much of it felt unbelievable, bordering on what she may have thought to be crazy only a few days ago. But that’d was before the smartphones disappeared and the dream of the dancing lights. 

Leigh had gone home alone as Harry and Mary Jean suggested to avoid suspicion. Emily hadn’t realized how much she still relied on her older sister until the comfortable familiarity of Leigh was gone. Emily felt oddly alone as she faced the long hours of night in a strange house with people who weren’t even what she’d classify as people. But at least they were kind, protecting her from those who wished to take her life. 

The memory of the dancing light ribbons that Mary Jean made in the living room gave Emily peace. It might have been because Julian experienced the same thing on the night Emily couldn’t remember, or it it could be the soothing music and scent it brought, but for whatever reason, the feelings convinced Emily that she was correct to trust Mary Jean and Harry. Her newfound relaxation finally allowed her the rest she so badly needed.

After dreams of only the light ribbons, Emily awoke to a brilliant beam of sunlight coming through the guest room window, creating an uplifting feeling in the entire space. She loved mornings in the desert. The sunrises were full of beauty, their light bringing a hopefulness to the otherwise austere landscape. 

She dressed in an outfit she found in the closet, ironically in her exact size and style, before walking out to the kitchen. 

“Good morning, Emily!” Mary Jean wore a smile nearly as bright as the desert sun. “Did you sleep well? I know Harry and I gave you a lot to think about last night. I hope you were comfortable.” 

“I did rather well,” Emily replied. “Thank you for being such a kind hostess.” 

“I’m happy you’re here,” Mary Jean said. “Coffee?” 

“I would love a cup, thank you.” Once Emily took her first sip, she smiled. “Don’t tell Leigh, but I thought she made the best coffee ever.” 

“Thanks,” Mary Jean answered as she poured herself a cup. “I guess after traveling around with Harry and his band, one gets an idea of what one likes.” 

“So you really traveled with him? That wasn’t a cover story for your mission here?” 

“Heavens, no. One of the things we liked best was the music,” Mary Jean explained. “That was how our idea started. To make a place where all of those enjoyable things existed again. We knew there was an audience for retro bands, so we took the opportunity.” 

“That must have been fascinating,” Emily said. “What is your home like? You know, not here.” 

Survey Sunday!

1. What eye color do you find sexiest?

I don’t have a particular preference, as long as the man behind the eyes is kind, generous, loving, etc. To me, that’s what makes a man sexy. 

2. White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate mocha? 

All of the above because I’m an equal opportunity chocolate lover!

3. If you could get a Sharpie tattoo on your back, what would it be?

A rose. 

4. Did you grow up in a small town or a large town? Did you like it?

I grew up in a relatively small town and didn’t particularly like it because I prefer metro areas with more opportunities. 

5. Who is your favorite adult as a child, aside from your parents?

My third grade teacher because she was fun and kind to everyone. 

6. What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now?

Anything with blueberries and orange juice and maybe a banana. 

7. What is your most embarrassing moment from elementary school?

I feel like all of elementary school was an embarrassing moment! But if I had to narrow it down, I’d say being bad at gymnastics. 

8. What is your most embarrassing moment from middle school?

My most embarrassing moment from middle school was playing volleyball in gym class and hitting the ball at a weird angle where it flew into a different part of the gym and hit a cute guy on the head. 

9. What is your most embarrassing moment from high school?

I was very embarrassed when I forgot the lyrics to my solo on a Christmas vocal tour during senior year. 

10. Pirates are ninjas? Why?

Ninjas because they’re quiet and get a lot done. 

11. Have you ever climbed a tree over 20 feet off the ground?

No, I haven’t. I’m a little scared of heights. 

12. Did you like to swing as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swingset?

I loved to swing and still would if I had the opportunity. A friend of mine in high school loved to go to the nearby elementary school playground and swing to relax. I went with her a few times and it was lovely. I think she had the right idea. 

13. If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would it be?

I love cats so I’ll stay with them. 

14. What is your most favorite part of your body?

I like the length of my legs and my hair. 

Flying Home, Part XVI

Part XVI

“We were hoping you’d be one of the charter human members, dear,” Mary Jean said. “Along with Julian, of course, and Leigh, if you want to stay with us, too.” 

Emily’s older sister nodded. “Yes. Absolutely,” she agreed. 

“Why did Wesley and Natasha see you as a threat?” 

“Because they’ve filled their minds with all the hollow mythology that surrounded the crash of 1947,” Mary Jean explained. “Once they saw what we had done with the lights and knew that Julian’s plane had disappeared in the middle of them, they let fear guide their reasoning. They’re not like you, open minded and inquisitive about things you don’t understand.” 

“All we’re doing is using a corner of Arizona to create a place we can enjoy and hope others will enjoy, too. Mary Jean and I have been here for a long time. It’s finally feasible to build what we came back to build and live our lives. The plans had to get approval before we could proceed.” 

“Thankfully the exploration committee on our home planet had reorganized after some of the members betrayed us, so we are a united front,” Mary Jean said. 

It struck Emily as funny that even extraterrestrial planets had a paper trail. “It sounds like life here. It took five years for the new library to be approved.” 

“But before we can create what we came to do, we must deal with Wesley and Natasha,” Harry sighed. 

Emily’s eyes grew wide. “What if they try to hurt Julian?” 

“We won’t let that happen,” Mary Jean assured Emily. “We need to find a way to keep them out of our territory. As despicable as their actions have been, we do not want to resort to harm. It’s not our way. That’s what perpetuates the fear among humans, and we don’t want to do a disservice to our race.” 

“Banning them from the territory seems best,” Harry mentioned. “Even use a light ball to alter their memories since they would only use the memory of this place for wrong reasons. He paused. We don’t like to use our abilities to control anyone, but in this case, many lives will be spared. They can be happy together in some other place in the country, focusing their greed on matters of ordinary life instead.” 

Emily felt the tension she hadn’t realized her body held ease and loosen at Harry’s words. No more running or fear, and certainly no more attempts on her life that she couldn’t even remember. 

“Can I move in and out of your creation? Once it’s done, do I have the ability to come and go? Do Leigh or Julian? I don’t really want to leave, but I thought I’d travel as a reporter…” 

“Of course! You’ll have to do that in order to become the journalist you are meant to be,” Mary Jean answered. “You have a fantastic hometown that you can return to at the end of the day. We give freedom, not captivity.”