Book Review: The Adventuress by Tasha Alexander 

I have always loved both mysteries and history. The manner in which Tasha Alexander brings them together in a highly intelligent way in her now ten volume Lady Emily series is spectacular and highly satisfying. The most recent release, The Adventuress, is no exception. Jeremy Sheffield, a confirmed bachelor duke and childhood friend of Emily’s startles all who know him by announcing his engagement to a wealthy American, Amity Wells. When one of Jeremy’s friends is found dead in his hotel suite in Cannes, it’s though that the man has taken his own life. But Emily suspects that he has been murdered. 

The twists and turns are amazing, typical of all Tasha Alexander’s works. At one point, I was suspicious of at least five characters! When the culprit is revealed, the reasons that led them to commit murder are unexpected and interesting. 

The Adventuress is a wonderful continuation of Lady Emily’s saga! It kept me guessing until the end!

The book is available on Amazon and bookstores everywhere. 


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