Is there a right time to disturb a writer? #Writer #Amwriting



Disturbing a writer whilst they are at the creative coalface is not advisable. Writers are dealing with so much in fantasy land that any sort of interruption or disturbance can make them see red.

When should you avoid disturbing a writer?

  • If the writer has overcomea painful episode of writer’s block and has just started writing. Disturbing a writer in this situation could result in you receiving a screech, a yell or even a scream.
  • If the writer is in the middle of writing a steamy romantic scene and is showing visible signs of literary enjoyment (cheeky smile, wide eyes and flushed cheeks). Avoid disturbing the writer in this situation, if you do disturb you are in danger of receiving a loud sigh or a roll of the eyes.
  • If the writer is huffing and puffing over a plot or character issue. They need to be given time to work…

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