Flying Home, Part X 

Part X

Emily and Leigh were silent until they reached their vehicle outside the house. Emily wanted to turn around and see if either Wesley or Natasha were watching them but refrained in favor of getting away from the place as quickly as possible. She started the car and drove as fast as she could to the country highway that would lead them back to Aurora. 

“Did that just happen?” Leigh asked, her face flushed in bewilderment. “I can’t believe all of those things Wesley and Natasha were saying. They actually tried to kill you?” 

“I know it sounds lame, but I have no idea,” Emily responded as she guided the car down the highway. “I don’t remember anything like that. But why would they want to do that? I’m not a threat to anybody in whatever is going on. Can you honestly tell me, Leigh, that you don’t see the changes in town? The televisions turning into radios, portable phones ceasing to exist, computers gone with typewriters instead? Am I losing my mind?” 

“I don’t think you’re losing your mind at all,” Leigh began, “but I don’t remember the things you’re talking about. They sound like they’re coming from science fiction magazines. Computers take up whole rooms. How could they sit on a desk?” 

Emily shook her head. “Maybe they drugged me, that could explain all of this memory stuff.” It felt impossible that she would have created an entire way of life in her mind, but everyone knew that the military was far more capable of many things than it shared with the public. Could Wesley, aided by Natasha, been able to alter Emily’s memories as part of some top secret project? 

“To whom do you suppose they were referring when they talked about someone not liking you looking around the house? I thought Wesley was more or less the highest in command here.” 

“I don’t know. Maybe he has more superiors than we know.” Emily shook her head. “I feel like it all comes back to the note on my desk. Someone knows more than they’re telling. I wish I knew who.” 

They pulled into the driveway of their house and sat there for a moment. 

“Should I even stay here?” Emily asked. “Is it safe?” 

Before Leigh could answer, Emily heard a tap on the window. Startled, she turned to see Mary Jean, the wife of Harry the bandleader. 

“You will be if you stick with me,” she said. “Both of you. The cool blonde pointed back to her own vehicle. It’s not the best idea to discuss it here, so please follow me. This is all for your own good. I’m sorry if I scared you by putting that note on your desk. I wanted you to be aware that you need to look over your shoulder more.” 


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