Flying Home, Part IX

Part IX

Emily felt shivers run up and down her spine at Wesley’s words. Do what again? She glanced at Leigh in desperation. Her sister looked at shocked as she was herself. It was hard to separate each idea from the confusing tangle of information. Wesley and Natasha shared this house? They both had enough personal effects stowed away to suggest more than an occasional visit. Were they lovers? Emily wouldn’t put it past Natasha’s flirty was to snag and ensnare any man whom she happened to choose. Why Wesley, though? And what did Wesley have to do again? Emily couldn’t recall him doing anything in the first place. What had happened? Could whatever he had done, perhaps to her, explain the strange changes taking place in town? 

“If she’s snooping around here,” Natasha continued, “it must mean that she recalls something about that night. Wes, we’re in deep trouble. They won’t like it.” 

“No, they certainly won’t,” Wesley agreed. “Which is why we have to work together to solve the problem for once and for all.” 

“Do you believe them? That they’re harmless?” Natasha asked shakily. 

“I don’t know,” Wesley answered. “I did at first, but why did they bother with Julian?”

Emily’s ears perked up even more at the mention of her husband. The lack of complete information frustrated her because a half explained conversation would not tell her what she needed to know. What if she was going crazy with grief? Was the town and its technology really changing or was it her imagination? Leigh didn’t seem fazed by it in the least. 

“He was supposed to be back when they were done. Why aren’t they done?” Natasha’s voice took on a whiny tone. 

“I don’t know, but when he’s back, give him a wide berth. Even if we have to eliminate Emily, you can’t just go prowling after her husband. It’ll never work. He loves her too much! He will want to honor her memory!” 

“Wasn’t he fair game the first time we attempted to eliminate her?” Natasha wheedled. 

Emily squeezed Leigh’s hand as her blood turned to ice water, sloshing around in her head and her stomach. Wesley and Natasha tried to kill her and she couldn’t even remember it? If they discovered her in the house, would they assassinate her on the spot? She closed her eyes in an effort to calm down. It was tortuous to be so quiet, unable to talk to Leigh because she could be overheard. 

Emily put her finger to her lips, gestured toward the window and stood enough to creep across the room. Leigh shook her head violently as Emily raised the window little by little. Somehow it was noiseless. It was their only method of escape. Getting out now may very well save their lives. Leigh followed after her sister with heavy movements of great reluctance. 


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