Bits And Pieces 

As I look into my next flash fiction series for this blog, I considered about bits and pieces of ideas that have come to me at various times, some many years old. A few years ago, I had a recurring dream about a house out in the middle of nowhere that suddenly became invaded by lights of all different colors, almost like the aurora borealis. I’d really like to build a story around that image. Perhaps it’s the climax/culmination of the story. It’s not much, but it’s a start. 

I always have characters in mind… No shortage of them, ever! One of the character driven elements may come from another dream I had about two people walking by night along a road in an area called Seven Hills, a place that truly exists near my home. It’s literally seven hills along a paved country road that’s rather sparsely populated. Who are these people? Why are they walking alone on a country road at night? Why do they not drive, as would be the safer and conventional option? Where are they going? What are they feeling? I admit I’d feel a little desolate in their situation, but perhaps they have another perspective. I’ve had nightmares about being alone in the utter darkness of the country at night, but these characters give me the chance to get outside of myself. Maybe I’ll even face my own fear of being lost in the dark, who knows!

Another thought that occurred to me as I was daydreaming about this story is that I’d like it to set it in a partially retro timeframe. My best attempt to explain it is to call it an alternate universe time, where it’s set in neither the present as we know it or the past, but something more stylistic. 

I need to work more on this because I’m getting more excited about it the more I write! And the characters are beginning to crystallize a little more in my imagination. I wish you all a happy Sunday filled with joy and hopefully some creativity! 


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