Freedom XV

“Tasha? You all right?” Aidan’s voice echoed with anxiety as he unlocked the front door and came inside. 

“Yes,” she replied shakily. “I heard something and thought… I don’t know what I thought.” Sleep had tried to claim her as she recalled their past but the noise had made any trace of restfulness disappear. 

“It was just the postal carrier,” Aidan said, wincing as he sat down on the bed. He stared into the air above Tasha’s head. There was very little for either of them to say. During the investigation, they’d seen enough poisoning cases to know that their fate was sealed. In a weird way, the absence of questions and what-ifs was a comfort. No false hope could crush them.

“Will you sit with me till I fall asleep?” 

He smiled tenderly. “Of course I will.” Once he did so, he drifted off as well. 


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