Freedom XIV

Tasha felt restless while Aidan was gone. As much as the house and its reminders of the man she had once loved and grew to love again comforted her, she was still aware of the dangers that lurked beyond its confines. 

She wasn’t strong enough to latch a deadbolt or look out the window, so she distracted herself with memories of how happy they had been when together again on their secret project. 

The first time their eyes met since the separation was full of tension but familiarity. It really hadn’t been a shock to find each other on the same task force. When Aidan’s boss had announced that Aidan and Tasha were to work together, an irrational hope had risen in her heart. Could they rekindle their past love, this time without jealousy? 

A noise outside the window started Tasha from her reverie. Had they found her? 


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