Freedom VIII

“Did I ever tell you I grew up in a little town in the mountains?” He sounded stronger, determined the next morning. 

“No,” she said, sipping her coffee. “It sounds like paradise after all this running. What if we go there and stay forever? We can reinvent ourselves and no one can hurt us again.” 

“It just may work,” he answered slowly. “They’d never find us.” 

“What about your girlfriend? I don’t want to come between you.” 

“Amber?” He’d not thought about her in ages. “No. It was over before our capture.” His gaze lingered on her, making her cheeks flush. Their past was heavy between them, ready to leap from memory to recreated reality. 

Their hands brushed as they awkwardly reached for one another’s fingers. 

“That could work,” she reiterated his opinion in a low tone. “I’d like for it to.” 


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