Freedom V

He sat still as the doctor sutured his wounds, eyeing him suspiciously. She squeezed his hand and sensed his fear. She was worried that he might try to run, given the terror she observed in his rigid body posture. She’d pocketed the car keys. They had to stick together. 

“All done,” the doctor pronounced. He wrapped gauze around the wounds. “You can keep the room. I have to keep moving.” 

“So do we, but we’ll take it.” She forced a smile. 

“How could your brother have hurt us like that?” Anger flashed in his eyes.

She shot him a look but it did no good. 

The placid doctor sighed. “I don’t know. I never understood him.” 

“Thank you,” she said. “We really do appreciate it.” 

“You’re welcome.” Taking  his coat and bag, he exited the room. 

“Just rest now,” she told her companion. “Please.” 


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