Freedom IV

“Don’t forget the password,” she told him. “Then we’ll know who he is. Orchids, hothouse.” She pulled the car into the lot of a dingy motel. 

The man shook his head. “Why?” 

The answer didn’t take long to emerge; the amateur physician appeared and the man nearly choked. The doctor was identical to their former captor. 

“Relax. They’re twins.” She put a hand on his thigh. Turning to the doctor, she smiled with ease. “Orchids.” 

“Hothouse.” The doctor peered into the car and flinched when he saw the man’s wounded limbs. “Come on, I can help.”

She gave him a reassuring look. “I’ll be there with you.” 

The doctor helped her get the man out of the car. His joints had grown stiff over the long drive and he groaned as he moved. 

He held her gaze for a minute, peering into her eyes with trust and love. “Thank you.” 


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