A month of blogging? Why not!

I’m quite inspired today by my writer friend, J. R. Biery, in her quest to blog each day. As is often the case for my unconventional ways, I want to start today and not wait for a new month. 

I just finished two wrimos, the fabulous JuNoWriMo and July Camp NaNoWriMo, back to back with a combined total of 75,000 words. Now is the aftermath stage of having two drafts to finish and edit, along with my April Camp NaNoWriMo draft to edit. I hope I can get all of this finished by November, but I’ll still charge ahead into NaNoWriMo regardless of my progress on other things. 

This week I’ve taken a vacation from writing and am slowly emerging from the time-off cocoon. I’ve really enjoyed my week, though, watching films like Woman In Gold and Imitation Game, reading and knitting. I just started knitting in late April but I’ve gotten comfortable with it and enjoy making scarves. It’s a great time to clear my mind and get story ideas. Another idea I’m pondering is selling scarves online. I made a few for family and friends and everyone has encouraged me to start selling them. I’ll post a few pictures and would love feedback from readers. 



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