Where Did June Go? Onto July Camp NaNoWriMo…

I must say that JuNoWriMo was the most unique and rewarding wrimo in which I have ever participated. The Facebook group where all of the action happens has a little over three hundred members and a community so close knit that it feels like family. When midnight struck last night, I was a little sad that the month of June was over despite the fact that today has meant the beginning of a whole new writing adventure at Camp NaNo. I am so grateful to Becca J. Campbell for creating and facilitating last month’s wonderful wrimo! The group stays open all year, which is a great blessing because I would hate to not talk to my new friends until next year. Instead, we can form critique groups and encourage each other with our projects year round. Becca is an accomplished science fiction/fantasy author who has wonderful books available on Amazon. You can access her website here.

My July project is a short story about a young woman named Nora who is abducted by a strange scientific organization that, among other things, implants her with the memories and consciousness of a teenage girl named Allie, whom the organization accidentally killed in an experiment gone wrong. Now Nora, who always relied upon her solitude to get through life, is never alone because Allie experiences whatever Nora is doing, thinking or feeling. I have currently titled it Alone

If you want to join the July session of Camp NaNo, you can register today as it’s certainly not too late to join! Word count goals are flexible, anywhere from 10,000-50,000 or beyond, as some of my brave friends have chosen! My own word count goal for the month is 25,000 as my project is not as long as usual. I feel very blessed to be in a cabin with some of the wonderful friends I made last month. Come join the fun! 


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