A Milestone!

I’m so happy that I finished my first round edits on my first completed novella, titled Emerald at present. I truly hated editing when I started but have been falling in love with the process over the last five weeks. During this time, I did learn quite a lot about myself and my writing style. My characters can become extremely verbose when they are explaining their rather odd circumstances, so I had to pare down between two and three thousand words! It’s good to not get overly attached to certain parts of dialogue in the editing phase! I also see that I’d make things much easier on myself if I had even a loose outline from my prewritung activities. So, I’ll keep these things in mind as I begin to prepare for April and the Camp NaNoWriMo session that will be here soon! I’m very excited, having this experience with one project. I’m ready for more!


2 thoughts on “A Milestone!

    • Thank you! I am very excited! Having the experience of finishing one novella to the point of sending it to readers and editors has truly energized me for my other projects. It’s definitely a labor of love, but what a ride! xx

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