A New Year With New Possibilities!

Like so many others, I like to set goals and make resolutions for the new year. At the top of my list is to write more, doing so more efficiently than in the past. I plan to participate in all three NaNoWriMo sessions, the camp months as well as November, but my biggest writing goal is to get my short story collection prepared to be self published. It will be so exciting to take this step and give my writing wider exposure.

I am currently working on the editing phase of my first completed novel, roughly titled Emerald. It’s largely a science fiction novel but has a romantic story at its center as well. More than that, it deals with questions of how far one will go to save a loved one and what really constitutes destiny. How we act when under duress shows more about us than most things, and my characters are definitely put to the test and must decide how they will handle being free after decades of oppression.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and that you receive many blessings in 2015 and beyond!


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