J.J. Abrams is a Downton Fan

Cool! xx

The Downton Dame


JJ. Abrams may be the mastermind behind Lost, Alias and Felicity and the future of the Star Wars franchise but he is also a fan of Downton Abbey.  During a a recent interview with a British newspaper, he took time to gush about his love of the series.

“It’s absolute soap opera done triple-A plus. The characters go places you never expect and the rules of that society allow for wonderful storytelling because there is behaviour that’s forbidden, which barely exists any more.”

Abrams continued, “It’s cleverly written and brilliantly cast. It lets you enjoy what is, at the core, a pulpy family drama but done with such respect and regard for the characters, you feel they’re all alive.”

“And think of how many [characters] there are—I thought we had a lot of characters on Lost but it’s amazing they’re able to spin that many plates and…

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