Things That Need To Be Said

I had these thoughts floating around in my mind, things I wish I could say to my younger self or anyone who needs encouragement. We all have a journey and maybe it starts today. Maybe it started a while ago and you are just discovering it now.

You are powerful. You are a blessing. God made you with purpose. No one is insignificant; everyone is worth knowing. Don’t be hesitant to learn from one another. Never deem anyone unworthy of teaching you what they know or have experienced. People of all ages have wisdom and a story, and you can learn so much if you will only listen.

Never start a habit that you can’t break. It might seen fine for a moment, but how will it affect you in twenty years? Twenty years pass much more quickly than you may expect. You will be the same person then whom you are now, give or take a little wisdom and humbling. On that note, always be humble. There’s always going to be someone who has more or does more than you, but there will also be those who have and do much less. Be humble and merciful. Live each day with a heart open to give and receive.

Do not be quick to trust everyone with seemingly good intentions if they have let their authority or power, be it real or imagined, corrupt their advice. At the same time, trust in the goodness of people. Look for innocence in the eyes of animals and children, and you will notice it elsewhere, too.

Make your own decisions. No one can live your life for you or decide what is right for someone else. Pray instead. The One Who made you knows much more than any person. Reject shame. It has no purpose. Dream. It’s fine to start something you might not finish because you at least have tried, where so many never get past wishing to start. But once you start, determine to finish. Just give yourself permission to revise, revise, revise. Be concrete in your convictions but elastic in improvisation. Read the map. Ask for directions. Follow your instincts as long as they are not corrupted by guilt or the unhelpful words of other people. If something seems impossible, perhaps that’s even more reason to do it.

You deserve to be comfortable and blessed. You deserve to know that if you turn the wrong direction, there is still an open invitation to turn back to the correct path. It is never too late.


4 thoughts on “Things That Need To Be Said

  1. Very well written words of wisdom!!!
    “Never deem anyone unworthy of teaching you what they know or have experienced.”
    I love this line as I truly believe that everyone on this earth has something to teach us.
    Great post. 🙂

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