The swallows are singing, and their words are not news. It’s clear that they are right, and it will continue to be so as you transform all the way through the ocean. It does not stop until the trip has been made, and you certainly will make it.

I want to lean over the piano and sing a little louder to match the rate of their wings flying above the treeline, their ascent to my heart. It is a world of exhilaration, possibility.

What one absolutely needs is a cleansing soak in the endless promise. Thankfully, the ocean is full enough, deep enough.


2 thoughts on “Swallows

  1. I saw seven sand pipers today land amoung the reeds in the river behind my house. I thought of the lyrics in Regina Spector’s song… “Two birds on a wire, one flew away and the other was a liar” and then my internal voice wanted to add, “Where lately the sweet birds sang.”

    • Thanks for the reply! I have not heard that song, but it sounds good. I actually took the idea for the title from the Camera Obscura song called Swallows because the chorus talks about anything being possible, the narrator urging someone on to believe that they can do it. xx

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