La Tomatina.. And Valencia!

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Travelling Kiwi Chick Blog

It was pretty late at night by the time my train arrived in Valencia. The sun had set and my booked hostel had given terrible directions within its page. The directions were essentially catch a metro train to here then follow the old town signs. There were no old signs anywhere at all that I could see. Scratching my head I thought argh.

And then pulled out my trusty old iPhone. Sometimes I wonder how people cope these days without smartphones. Life is too hard without them. A few apps in particular have really contributed to my travelling experience. The one I used at this time was called CityMaps2go. It’s a paid app but so brilliant. It works by you downloading various maps of the places you plan to visit while at home with your wifi Internet. Then when you are overseas with no access to 3G/wifi (thereby…

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