Prompt Notebook

I’ve written from prompts very rarely, but this week has given me the chance to do exactly that either two or three times. It’s a different kind of feeling, but a great way to stir up the imagination when in need of some inspiration.

As I thought about it, I wondered how interesting it might be to create a notebook of prompts. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an actual notebook, but a file on the computer or iPad, or even just a list on a single piece of paper. As amusing as some of the prompts I have read online can be, I think it would be been more personally suited to each writer to try to create as many original prompts as possible.

I get a lot of inspiration from music. Perhaps I ought to sit down with my playlist and write as many prompts as I can gather from the songs I love. Then one could move onto books, films, pieces of art, photographs, anything that grabs your imagination! Try it and see what happens!


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