I’m A Pen And Paper Sort Of Girl

This morning I decided to start my journey toward the July edition of Camp Nanowrimo. How did I begin this outlining trek, might you ask? With a word processor? Pages? Google Drive?

No, I pulled my beloved legal pad out from under my iPad and began to outline retro style. I do this because the feeling of the pen in my hand and the smoothness of the paper gliding underneath as I write, even laboriously as most outlining commences for me, gives me such an experience of interaction with my material. To write a character’s name or list their traits introduces me to them like an old friend. I am more intimately acquainted with them, their atmosphere and their outcome. We know one another well. It feels natural and right.

I am very thankful for all technology that advances us as writers. However, there is nothing like getting up close and personal with my work. I am the kind of writer who pokes along with her stylus, even speaking the words aloud absentmindedly as I go along. When writing dialogue, I give my characters unique spoken voices that hopefully translate to the page. I have sixteen days to plan about as many stories and I’m grateful that I have found my own perfect method to do it.


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